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Interested In Jazz? Classical music performance is evaluated more by its fidelity to the musical score, with less attention given to interpretation, ornamentation, and accompaniment. In contrast, jazz is often characterized by the product of interaction and collaboration, placing less value on the contribution of the composer, if there is one, and more on the […]

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Interested In Jazz? As well as the electric instruments of rock , fusion also used the powerful amplification, “fuzz” pedals, wah-wah pedals and other effects that were used by 1970s-era rock bands. Jazz fusion was also popular in Japan, where the band Casiopea released more than thirty fusion albums. Bebop musicians employed several harmonic devices […]

Fine arts incorporate art work.

What is a liberal arts education? Liberal arts refers to the general academic program at many universities in Western society. Liberal arts normally refers to a general academic course rather than any specific art or the fine arts such as music, literature and the visual arts. As part of this general program, students typically have […]

Just about all styles of vernacular design

When we speak ofvernacular architecture, we are referring to building practices unique to certain locales. The word “vernacular” comes from the French word “vernacular”, which means “of or relating to a local town”. In the United States, this practice has often been referred to as horticultural architecture. A typical example of this type of architecture […]

Plaything show, generally known as newspaper cinema and product show

Toy theater, sometimes called model theater and paper theater, is a type of miniature theater dating back as far as the late 19th century in Europe. Toy theaters were usually printed on cardboard sheets and presented as kits in the concession stand of a local theater, playhouse, or carnival. Children would help collect or assemble […]

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This is my top list of Thanksgiving crafts for babies! Whether your little one is three four or five years old, these unique crafts are sure to be a hit. If you’re looking for a way to have some fun around the house with the kids this year, try these simple and awesome craft ideas! […]

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Classic Rock radio stations provide an excellent source of information, entertainment, and news related to the music of our times. They are primarily transmitted via radio and satellite channels. Soft Classic Rock Radio provides a wide variety of nationally and internationally produced audio programs, both talk-show and music, in high definition stereo. Classic Rock radio […]

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Relevant Radio, also known as relevant media, is a national radio network operated by the Catholic Church in the United States. It’s the fourth largest Catholic radio network behind Eireann and Traditional Radio Networks. The objective of this national radio system is to distribute faith-based programs to its audience, while at the same time promoting […]

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Christmas puzzles are very popular gifts in the UK. As well as being traditional toys they are also an excellent way to teach children important skills such as mathematics and also help them to develop their fine motor skills. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and even different types of materials and decorations. […]

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Pop is an American genre of music which originally originated in its modern version during the early 1950s in the United Kingdom and the United States. The terms pop music and popular music are frequently used interchangeably, but the latter describes a much broader category and covers a number of disparate styles. The term “pop” […]